If you would like to have more information on any of the committees below or if you would like to join them, you can send an e-mail to the Board.


The Akcie or 'activities committee' organizes BBQs, mountainbike events, canoeing trips, movie nights or e.g. bivouac weekends. The committee gathers regularly to think of new activities, organizes them and evaluates them afterwards.

The Blescie or 'Blessurecommissie' (English: injuries committee) takes care of the members who obtained injuries through which they are currently unable to join Ibex activities or the climbing. The belscie takes care of the members by sending them a 'get well soon- card' and invites them extra to join other, physical low-impactful activities like movie evenings.

Ibexpress redactie
The Ibexpress is Ibex's magazine which is full of exciting stories, pictures and gossips about the things members are doing, activities Ibex has organised and climbing weekends Ibex has organised. The 'Redactie' develops this two-monthly association magazine!

The Introcie or the 'introduction committee' provides several activities for the new members. They make sure that Ibex is in the spotlight during the AID week and also organizes the intro period.

The Kascie or 'Kas controle commissie' (English: Cash control committee) monitors the cash accounts! The Kascie consists of treasurer veterans.

The Klic or in English 'Climbing Wall Committee' ensures, that the Bongerd has enough fun climbing routes and is sometimes hired for giving climbing courses to e.g. children's party's.

The Lustrumcie or 'lustrum committee' is the committee that organizes the Lustrum celebrations. Ibex celebrated her 25th anniversary in 2011. The 30th anniversary will be celebrated in 2016, with big and very nice activities. :)

The Optie or 'Opleidings- en trainingscommissie' (English: education and training committee) consists of instructors that organize climbing courses. The Optie is the offical educational institute for future climbing instructors.

The Promocie or 'promotion committee' makes sure that nobody will forget the name of Ibex. One of the things they do is designing and selling T-shirts.

The Sponscie or 'sponsorship committee' maintains contact with the advertisers, and looks for new sponsors.

The webcie or 'website committee' provides the website you are looking at.